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The Law Office of Jeremy Le is dedicated to provide competent and exceptional legal representation for our clients at reasonable and affordable rates. Our practice areas include immigration, estate planning, business law, civil litigation, and family law. We offer free consultations and case evaluations to all clients. Please call us and make an appointment for a free session of consultation.


We truly believe that our clients' complete satisfaction is the yardstick for our success. We will always strive to achieve the most favorable results for our clients and ensure that our clients are always content. Our staff are trained professionals whose priority is making sure that our clients' questions are answered fully and promptly.


Hiring a lawyer can be quite expensive and most of us cannot afford to do that. We promise to lessen our clients' burden of cost by giving them the most affordable rates without sacrificing their expectation toward competent legal representation on our part. We also accept representation on a contingency basis for certain cases, meaning you only pay for attorney's fees when your case is a winner.